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Logistics & Distribution

Logistics and distribution

DYNAMIC Solutions offers specialized services and solutions for efficient supply chain management. From the point of entry to the end of the distribution, our goal is an integrated and reliable solution.

Strategic solutions include planning, forecasting, modeling, signboards and performance management. Starting with the categorization of your supply chain model, we build a solution to reflect the identified process framework. Targets and operational standards are documented and formulated for tracking and assessing performance.

The tactical components of the solution complement the strategic tools in the field of inventory management; order processing, storage and warehouse management and billing. Synchronized solutions will benefit a wide range of industry sectors. Microsoft's technology-based systems are optimized to manage your assigned distribution needs. We translate you through the distribution process through each identified step - from the simplest system to the most sophisticated distribution channel.

• Intelligent inventory management

DYNAMIC Solutions Intelligent Warehouse Management System maintains all common warehouse logistics processes, from the receipt of goods, through harvesting, transfer, assembly and packaging. iWMS enables the use of barcode devices, centralized assignment, control and planning.

Basic iWMS functionalities support different methods for counting, labeling and printing vouchers, FIFO and FEFO methods based on the processing date, barcode identification, RFID and ASN (pre-notification delivery) management, booking optimization and assembling. With iWMS, you can view, measure, and analyze the entire business process associated with your storage. This level of integration and transparency ensures high return on investment. An "intelligent enterprise" can not exist without this solution where all the information is accurate and easily accessible.