One of the strongest aspects of WIP is the ability of all departments and units to be united in a unified system. Modular architecture is the basis for its exceptional flexibility and individual scaling. It can be equally effective for small teams as well as production lines reaching hundreds of operators. In addition to flexibility in the number of users in a particular department, the system allows maximum flexibility in terms of functions in different departments - Warehouse, Production, Packaging, Logistics, Subcontractors, etc.


WIP allows all roles that have a managerial or direct-track role to access the current status, performance, and performance of each user in each department associated with the system. Access can be accomplished by both computer and mobile devices. This has a particular impact on proper planning, optimization, and timely response to a situation or problem. Placing an expedition or getting information about the exact end date for making an order has never been easier.


WIP makes digitization of jobs seem like a child's play. Integrating all departments into one system enables the senior management in an enterprise to properly plan, optimize and manage the entire production cycle. This, on the one hand, is an incredible competitive advantage, on the other hand it clearly expresses the intentions and vision of management: a more innovative enterprise - a better work environment - happier people - better results.


The open architecture of WIP allows almost unlimited possibilities for integration and implementation. Interfaces are available for most financial-accounting systems for production and business process management. In every enterprise there are systems or plans to be implemented and each of them has the ability to easily integrate is no longer an extra, but a requirement. In this regard, WIP has been designed to develop a new interface or to process it with minimal effort and time.

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